Central Florida Dulcimer & Autohop Festival Festival Dates: February 8th & 9th, 2013

Ruth Harnden 6 Marlene Court Sorrento, FL 32776

Join our 8th Year Central Florida Festival with over 80 Workshops to choose from -
Mountain & Hammered Dulcimers, Autoharp, Bowed Psaltery,TinWhistle, Steel Drum & Ukulele!
Come to beautiful Mount Dora for two days of Learning and Sharing.
**Don't Miss - Thursday, Feb 7th, 2-5 pm: Early Arrival/Help Set-Up Jam Session**
Join us at the Church....Work/Volunteer for awhile, then jam awhile.


Workshop Leaders for our 2013 Festival areJanita Baker, Ray/Cheryl Belanger, Karen Daniels, Doug Felt, Robert Force, Jeff Furman, Guy/Sherri George, Greta Gillmeister, Tull Glazener,
George Haggerty, Marsha Harris, John/Kathie Hollandsworth, Lorinda Jones, Ken Kolodner,
Jody Marshall, Karen Mueller, Gary Sager, Rick Thum, Susan Trump, Jon Williams

Festival Location:  Round Lake Christian Church, 31205 Round Lake Rd, Mount Dora, 32757.
 -Round Lake Road is off State Road 46, 2 miles east of US Hwy 441 (3 miles from downtown Mount Dora.)

-Friday, Feb. 8, 2013            8:30 am - 4:00 pm        Registration during day for Workshop Participants
9:30  -  9:45 am        WELCOME Session & Announcements/Updates
9:45 - 12:00 pm        JAM  (9:45 am) - Morning Workshop (10:50 am)
12:00 -   1:00 pm        Box Lunch Service, Instructor/Vendor Shopping
1:10 -   3:50 pm        Workshops – See Workshop Schedule (2 pages)
4:00 -   5:00 pm        JAM For ALL Session - Vendor Shopping
5:15 -   6:30 pm        Catered Dinner on site, Instructor/Vendor Shopping
7:00 -   9:30 pm        Friday Night CONCERT
   Feb. 9, 2013                       8:00 am - 2:30 pm        Registration for Workshop Participants
9:10 - 11:50 pm        Workshops – See Workshop Schedule (2 pages)
12:00 -   1:45 pm        Box Lunch Service, "Mini" classes, Vendor Shopping
2:00 -   4:50 pm        Workshops – See Workshop Schedule (2 pages)

                                                   5:15 -    6:30 pm       Catered Dinner on site, Instructor/Vendor Shopping                                                                  7:00 -    9:30 pm       Saturday Night CONCERT

Important Information for the Upcoming 2013 Festival-Our 8th Year!

2013 Festival Registration  is LIMITED - Register Early - 25 participants per workshop class.

            Come Early/Help Set-Up & Jammin' at the Church on Thursday from 2:00 - 5:00 pm.  

--Soft drinks (Coke, Diet Coke & Sprite) are available for purchase during Festival hours in addition to bottled water and coffee.  Participants can bring their own sodas/drinks (non-alcoholic) to festival.  There are no vending/soda machines on the Church Property.  Many stores are located on US Hwy 441 (north of Hwy 46.)

--Friday & Saturday Box lunch selections and Friday & Saturday Dinner orders should be completed on your registration form.  Meal tickets must be ordered by January 21, 2013 and are non-refundable after this date.

    --Second Floor Classrooms will be used at times during the Festival with access via staircase. If assistance is needed to carry your instrument upstairs (some Mountain Dulcimer and Autoharp classes are upstairs) or if you are unable to climb a staircase, please contact Ruth Harnden via email or phone.

--Note that the long Saturday lunch break provides Instructors a needed rest time & the chance to meet/talk to attendees. Use time to Shop, attend Mini-Workshops, Tutor classes, or find an open classroom and play music.

Saturday Lunch break, Special “Mini" Workshops (Rooms TBA) held from 12:45-1:45 pm are as follows:

(1)  Marsha Harris - Bowed Dulcimer Intro Workshop - Learn to play the "other" type of Mtn. Dulcimer. Room TBA.
(2)  Chuck Spano Intro to Washboard & Spoons–Tempo & rhythm skills/Bring your own or listen!  In Auditorium.
(3)  Ken Kolodner - Fiddling Around - Learn Old-Time fiddling techniques/Bring your fiddle & play. Workshop #84.
(4)  Tull Glazener - MD Repertoire - As many tunes as time permits/old-time, gospel, airs/waltzes.  Workshop #85.
--Individual 30 minute One-on-One Coaching Class with Hammered Dulcimer or Autoharp Instructor.  Bring a specific tune or technique question to get help with a specific tune, musicality or performance tip.  Only 8 classes are available for each instrument on Saturday.  See Flyer, Page 4 for Choices: Workshop #,  Time, and Instructor Name. 
Enter only one workshop choice on Registration Form, Page 2 & enter workshop number in correct blank.
Limited - If you took a One-on-One class during 2012 Festival, please do not register again for class in 2013.

-SUNDAY CONCERT/2:00-4:00 pm - "Tri-Folkal Stringband" with Karen Mueller, Ken Kolodner & Rick Thum.  High Energy Concert  & 3 Dynamic Musicians @ Round Lake Christian Church.  Order tickets on Registration Form.

Scholarship funds are available for both Adults and Youth to provide financial assistance to cover the Festival Registration fee. Requests may be made for yourself or another. Please contact Ruth Harnden for information and/or an application for a 2013 Scholarship. Applications must be received by December 29, 2012.

Scholarship funds are raised through the sale of our Central Florida Festival canvas bags and raffle ticket sales. Many thanks to Workshop Instructors and Vendors for donating items as prizes for the Scholarship fund raffles in prior years. Purchase Raffle tickets on the 2013 Registration form for your chance to win another great prize.

Playing Levels:  All levels require participant to have a TUNED instrument ready for workshops.

New Beginner:  New player; has very little experience and falls in the "I have just begun learning to play" category.
Advanced Beginner:  Minimal playing experience, can tune instrument & play a few tunes, ready to build one's skills.
Novice:  Plays a few tunes (from memory,) ready to improve skills in rhythm changes, easy chords, & dynamics.
Novice/Intermediate:  Knows several tunes, understands chords, embellishments, ready to advance playing techniques.
Intermediate/Advanced:  Tune repertoire, knows chords, modes, explores/knows various playing styles & techniques.
Advanced:  Experienced player, tunes & skills learned quickly, developing own style with confidence in technique.

            Please consider your  level of playing skill carefully when completing your registration form.  Registering for a class beyond your skill level can be frustrating for you, affect the instructor's presentation, and impede the learning of others in the class.  If you have any questions about a class and/or your playing skill level, please contact Ruth Harnden.   

Workshop Descriptions - Use the following Workshop descriptions, listed by Instrument, to assist in making your selections. See WORKSHOP SCHEDULE (2 pages) included with this flyer.  Record workshop choices (circle #) on Registration Form.


#1      Felt/Things your Mother never told you about the Mountain Dulcimer-Strings, tuning, strumming & all the basics of playing.
#2      Haggerty/Starting DAC (Aeolian)-Fun workshop with minor sounding tunes: Scarborough Fair, Shady Grove & Nonesuch.
#3      Harris/Jam Tunes-Learn a few fiddle tunes, recognize guitar positions to play chords for unknown tunes & jam etiquette help.
#4      Trump/Getting to Know You-Understand Fretboard, find chords, root & shapes, chord progressions, knowledge to amaze you.
#5      Mueller/(2-Part/See #11)/Watch, Listen & Learn-Music learned with a focus on your hands, like learning a new dance step.
#6      Force/Combined Workshops #6, #12, #18 Special Session with Extra Fee.  See Detail under "Special Classes" Section.

#7      Trump/(2-Part/See #13)/Get started right-how to hold, strum and fret efficiently to get the best sound from instrument. 
#8      Sager/Some Old-Time tunes-Understanding how to play melody with drones or play chord/melody style as abilities allow.
#9      Furman/Smooth out your Playing-Explore techniques to improve sound & left/right hand efficiency, tunes & exercise studies.
#10    Jones/Using Notation only-Learning to play the dulcimer with music notation only and No TAB!  How can I play that/do that?
#11    Mueller/(2-Part/See #5)/Learn by imitating & repeating small phrases, a quick way to learn two new tunes by heart in no time.

#13    Trump/(2-Part/See #7)-Learning easy chords and various strum patterns to use with simple tunes that you know or will learn.   
#14    Mueller/Getting the Groove & Playing with Feeling-Learn new waltzes/fiddle tunes; make them dance/learn back-up chording.
#15    Jones/Hymns, Solos & Duets-Easy hymns for novice players with simple, but effective playing arrangements to learn.
#16    Baker/Intro Finger-picking-Right/Left hand techniques on 3-string dulcimer using both melodic & pattern finger-picking.
#17    Harris/Advanced Techniques-Natural & Artificial harmonics, hammer-on, pull-offs, muting & playing across the fretboard..
#18A  TUTOR CLASS/MD-Instructor will answer specific questions of MD players who need assistance.  Not a teaching class.
Saturday Workshops:
#19    Trump/MD Theory Beginning-No musical experience necessary, but will clear up basic theory items you will want to know.
#20    Harris/Easy Waltzes for MD-Learn several waltzes that beginners & novice players will have fun and success in playing.
#21    Felt/Build MD Repertoire-Add some dulcimer tunes that will expand your repertoire of songs you are comfortable playing..
#22    Baker/Traditional & Classical-A variety of musical styles & ways to improve Left/Right hand techniques to be more musical .
#23    Furman/Beyond Notes-Express yourself thro' concepts & techniques; 'open your mind' & 'play what you feel.' Bring CAPO.
#24    Mueller/Learn & Practice Chords-Basic DAD chords in 4/4 & 3/4 time with smooth chord changes & strumming rhythm.

#25    Sager/Playing "D" Chords-Learn to play and get comfortable with Key of "D" chords up & down your fretboard with ease.
#26    Furman/Above the 7th Fret-Explore various keys, string relationships, chord shapes & using the entire dulcimer. Bring CAPO.
#27   Jones/1.5 fret & Chromatics made Easy-Learn to add chromatic notes in Key of "D," play songs in "G" and tunes in "Dm."
#28    Baker/Blues & Ragtime Finger-picking-Build skills using 4 Equidistant Strings. MD instrument will be tuned to D-A-Bb-d.
#28A  TUTOR CLASS/MD-Instructor will answer specific questions of MD players who need assistance.  Not a teaching class.

#29    Haggerty/Pick & Noter Style-Learn traditional style of playing MD with several tunes to highlight the earliest MD sound .
#30   Jones/Play by Ear & Tab  It-Learn a tune by ear, add chords & melody, then view as an arrangement on dulcimer tablature.
#31    Trump/Baritone MD Workshop-You have one, and now how to play the Baritone in your MD Club sessions in ADA & AEA.
#32    Furman/Old-Time Tunes in Traditional keys-Expand your repertoire & comfort level playing in other keys. Bring CAPO.
#33    Baker/Improve Playing & Musicality-Ways to listen and assess your playing style. Explore how to be "part" of the music.

#34    Furman/Basic Building Blocks Review-Making sense of all the info, decompress, ask questions. how to proceed from here.
#35    Baker/Classical Tunes-Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Mozart arranged for finger-picking or strumming/3 string dulcimer.
#36    Jones/Surviving & Thriving in a Jam-How to hold your own in a jam session, recognize keys and chord changes as you play.
#37    Harris/Turlough O'Carolan Tunes-Beautiful tunes by the blind harpist to learn that sound great on both standard & bowed MD.
#38    Glazener/MD Ensemble-Learn multi-part arrangements, tunes for levels Adv.beg to Int/adv. "Whole is greater than the Parts."


#39    Belanger (2-Part/See #45)/From Scratch. Learn nomenclature, holding hammers, striking strings, scale location, note patterns.
#40    Kolodner/Map of HD-Sound Boring? See dulcimer in a new light. Explore chords, intervals, and learn tune to "see" instrument.
#41    Thum/Singing with the HD-Learn how to play and sing with the instrument, finding the right key and accompany your voice.

#45    Belanger (2-Part/See #39)/Simple Tune Skills-Learn a tune with more tips and techniques added to improve playing.
#46    Kolodner/Left Hand Skills-Learn when to lead with Left hand and the advantages for certain types of tunes  to improve skills.
#47    Marshall/His Majesty's Muses-Early & Renaissance music, King Henry VII and beyond.  Music in parts for mixed instruments.

#51    Marshall/Chords Demystified-Class focus is on simple chord shapes, chord change hearing skills, and using chords in tunes.
#52    Belanger/Dynamics for All Levels-Make each note beautiful rather than playing notes and how to make "music," not noise.
#53    Kolodner/Celtic Music Repertoire & Arranging-Explore lesser known "gems," and learn how to arrange tunes beautifully.
#56A  TUTOR CLASS/HD-Instructor will answer specific questions of HD players who need assistance.  Not a teaching class.

Saturday Workshops:
#57    Marshall/Dulcimer Map-More than a jumble of strings, but patterns & shapes to help navigate and reinforcing exercises.
#58    Belanger (2-Part/See #64)/Playing Techniques-Learn a Tune, add playing techniques, building skills to make the tune great.
#59    Kolodner (2-Part/See #65)/Ensemble Arranging-How to create an ensemble concept of a tune with models of arranging.

#63    Marshall/Easy Holiday Favorites-Not too early for Christmas tunes with focus on simple melodies that sound great on HD.
#64    Belanger (2-Part/See #58)/More playing Techniques-Adding Chords, Embellishments, & Chord Back-up to the HD toolbox.
#65    Kolodner (2-Part/See #59)/Ensemble Arranging-Teaching arranging skills while learning important tricks of the trade.

#68A  TUTOR CLASS/HD-Instructor will answer specific questions of HD players who need assistance.  Not a teaching class.
#69    Hollandsworth, K/Round & Rounds-Playing rounds, a great way to practice techniques & listen to how notes fit together.
#70    Kolodner/Hand Separation-Techniques to “separate” your hands so that they work independently.  Never too early to learn..
#71    Marshall (2-Part/See #77)/Get More Out of Dulcimer-Refine solo playing, ability to accompany others & hand independence.

#75    Stewart/Go Home & Play-Lots of  info & workshops, time to breathe, ask questions, what to do/ how to do it after festival.
#76    Hollandsworth, K/Just Listen-Learning tunes by ear  is easy/HD is perfect for this skill. Learn music before you see the notes!
#77    Marshall (2-Part/See #71)/Work on playing bass line while other hand plays melody,  tips/tricks back-up jigs, reels, & waltzes.


#42     Belanger/Best of Basics-Instructions that didn't come with AUH: tuning, holding, care, basic techniques for accompaniment.
#43     Daniels/Left hand/Right Hand Work-Coordination skills & tune for both hands; some tunes need one hand  more than other.

#48     Daniels/Quality Practice-Making the most of it. Discover how to make it work & achieve those 'little things' in your playing.
#49     Hollandsworth (2-Part/See #55)/Improve  Melody Playing skills.  Harp set-up, picks, and various playing styles covered.

#54     Daniels/Take Fingers for a Walk-Study Pinch/Pluck style of playing to enhance speed & add smoothness within your music.
#55     Hollandsworth (2-Part/See #49)/Using a simple melody and expanding upon it with more melody playing techniques..      
#56B  TUTOR CLASS/AUH-Instructor will answer specific questions of AUH players who need assistance.  Not a teaching class.
Saturday Workshops:
#60     Hollandsworth/Intro to Melody Playing-Review Basic & Cover Melody playing techniques to apply to any form of music.
#61     Mueller/Old-Time Songs-Learn some Simple old-time songs for improving melody picking technique and dynamics.

#66     Daniels/Upscaling Your Playing-Using scales to your advantage & make it fun while learning tunes and playing techniques.
#67     Belanger/"Inspired Autoharp" Gospel Tunes-Learn Gospel tunes and playing techniques with inspired Gospel singing.
#68B  TUTOR CLASS/AUH-Instructor will answer specific questions of AUH players who need assistance.  Not a teaching class.

#72     Belanger (2-Part/See #78)/Putting It All Together-Wrap-up of playing styles, tunes, technique, & dynamics.  Put it together.    
#73     Hollandsworth (2-Part/See #79)/Arranging Tunes-Learning a tune and techniques/tips for arranging tune on the autoharp.

#78     Belanger (2-Part/See #72)/Wrap-Up Skills-Putting all of the playing skills & techniques of the weekend together for players. 
#79     Hollandsworth (2-Part/See #79)/Altering a Tune-How & why to alter the basic elements of a tune & make it more interesting.

INDIVIDUAL 30-Minute One-on-One Classes for Hammered Dulcimer and Autoharp Players-Saturday Only:
Write-In Choice (Workshop#) on Registration Form (See Separate Line) for ONE Period ONLY - 1st to Register/1st In!

Saturday  9:10 – 9:40 am:            #86   HD-Rick Thum                                  #94  Autoharp-Cheryl Belanger
9:50 - 10:20 am:                             #87   HD-Rick Thum                                          #95  Autoharp-Cheryl Belanger
10:40 - 11;10 am:                              #88   HD-Kathie Hollandsworth                     #96  Autoharp-John Hollandsworth
11:20 - 11:50 am:                              #89   HD-Kathie Hollandsworth                       #97  Autoharp-John Hollandsworth
2:00 – 2:30 pm:                                 #90   HD-Ray Belanger                                #98  Autoharp-Karen Daniels
2:40 – 3:10 pm:                                 #91   HD-Ray Belanger                                      #99  Autoharp-Karen Daniels
3:40 – 4:10 pm:                                 #92   HD-Ken Kolodner                                 #100  Autoharp-Karen Daniels
4:20 – 4:50 pm:                                 #93   HD-Ken Kolodner                                  #101  Autoharp-Karen Daniels

#6, #12, #18  Force, Robert/Combined Workshops/Additional Registration Fee $15.00/Complete line on Registration Form.
----#6.  Explore rhythm techniques including syncopation, use of descants, learning to hear and play on the Off-Beat.
---#12.  Learn how to incorporate off-beats in some standard song forms to make the melodic lines stand out in a different way.
---#18.  Work on fretting techniques, tricky chord progressions, use of harmonics, other tips & construct solo lead lines & breaks.
#18B   TUTOR CLASS/Bowed Psaltery–Individual help & answers to your instrument or playing questions. Not a teaching class.
#44    Williams/Bowed Psaltery-Beginner's guide to playing. Understanding instrument, bow skills and playing techniques.
#50    Williams/Bowed Psaltery-Increase your playing skills, Playing notes and moving around the instrument & learning Tunes.
#56    Williams/Bowed Psaltery-Advanced techniques, How to make the instrument sing, hand coordination & smooth playing.
#81/#82/#83  Gillmeister, Greta/Learn to Play Tin Whistle for all Levels-Breathing & Playing Techniques. Bring D Tin Whistle.
Saturday Workshops
#62    George G&S/Playing the Ukulele with Steel Drum-techniques and skills for playing these two unique instruments together.
#68    George, G/Steel Drum-Playing techniques including finding the right notes when you need them/building rhythm skills.
#74    George, G/More Steel Drum-Increase your playing skills with more techniques..  Both workshops #68 and #74 for all levels.
#80    Thum/Ukulele Playing Skills-Strumming, chording, rhythm, & playing techniques for all levels with fun for all!               


(as of time of flyer printing) will include:         
The Ohio Bag Lady (Lee & Doug Felt) – Dulcimer cases, Stands, Footstools, Books, Tin Whistles & Music accessories.
Folk Craft Music, VT (George & Mary Haggerty) – Mountain Dulcimers, Strings, Books & Music accessories.
North & South Dulcimers (Ray Spyker) – New & used Mountain Dulcimers, Kits, Stands, Straps & Other accessories.
Prussia Valley Dulcimers (Gary & Toni Sager) - Mtn. Dulcimers, Books, accessories, on-site Repairs/extra frets added.
Touchwood Designs - Embroidered Dulcimer Design Accessories including wearable items.
Guy/Shari George - Steel Drum, mini table models, Instruction books, Tin whistles, Music products & accessories.  
Rick Thum Dulcimers (Rick Thum, builder) – Hammered Dulcimers, Cases, HD stands, Learning CD's & accessories.
Tull Glazener - Tablature Books with arrangements for all levels of Mountain Dulcimer players and Learning CD's.
Brother John Dulcimers (John Smik, builder) - Hand-Crafted Mountain Dulcimers.
Wood-N-Strings Dulcimer (Mike Clemmer, builder) - Hand-crafted Mountain Dulcimers by Mike Clemmer.
AutoharpRx (Chuck Daniels) - Autoharp Repair, Customization & Supplies.  Builder of the Arkansas Autoharp.
John Hawk - Mountain Dulcimers and Carrying Cases by "Modern Mountain Dulcimers."

Festival Workshop Instructors will have Vendor Tables for Sales of Books, Recordings & Accessories.


 Festival 2013 Host Hotel has a block of rooms reserved until December 1, 2012 (or earlier, if hotel fully booked.)
Festival Special Rate: $77.99 (King bed) or $82.99 (2 Queen beds in the room)  per night plus tax.
Comfort Inn: 15000 US Hwy 441 – Eustis, FL 32726, Phone (352)742-8022.    Request Dulcimer Festival Rate.
Rooms have coffee/tea maker, microwave, refrigerator, hairdryer, iron/board, etc., & Complimentary Breakfast Bar.

OTHER LOCAL LODGING  (Check internet for travel distances to Festival location/varies from 2-12 miles)
-Quality Inns & Suites: 16630 US Hwy 441 - Mount Dora, FL.   Phone (352) 383-3400
-America’s Best Value Inn:  101 W. Burleigh Blvd (off US Hwy 441) Tavares, FL.   Phone (352) 343-4666
-Inn on the Green: 700 East Burleigh Blvd (off US Hwy 441) Tavares, FL.   Phone (352) 343-6373
-Best Western Lake County Inn & Suites, 1380 E Burleigh Blvd (off US 441) Tavares, FL.  Phone (352)-253-2378
-Hampton Inn Mount Dora, Fl: 19700 US Hwy 441, Mount Dora, FL. (very few rooms avail.)  Phone (352) 383-4267
-LAKESIDE INN, 100 N Alexander St, Mount Dora, FL.  Full service historic 1883 hotel.   Phone 1-800-556-5016
--Located in downtown Mount Dora overlooking Lake Dora/Mention "Dulcimer Festival" for special Rate at $109.00 plus tax/night.

Mount Dora offers a number of  Bed & Breakfast Inns.  Contact Mount Dora Chamber of Commerce for  information on area lodging, campgrounds, restaurants, shopping & things to do @ www.mountdora.com  - Phone (352) 383-1668

Camping:  SELF-Contained RV's will be allowed to park overnight on Round Lake Christian Church property during  Festival.  Note:  RV Registration Contract required & Fee payable to the Church. (Pets must be leashed at all times.)
Download Church RV Registration form from www.fldulcimer.com and send form directly to Round Lake Church.
Church will allow registered Campers to stay over on Sunday night for free if attending Tri-Folkal Stringband Concert.

Other Camping (Mention Dulcimer Festival for best rate) - (* Military discount available @ Orange Blossom KOA)
-Wekiva Falls KOA: 30700 Wekiva River Rd., Sorrento, FL.  Phone (888) 493-5482 or www.wekivafalls.com
-*Orange Blossom KOA: 3800 W Orange Blossom Trail (Hwy 441) Apopka, FL 32712. Phone (407) 886-3260
-Southern Palms RV Resort: 1 Avocado Lane, Eustis, FL @ Intersection Hwy 44 & Hwy 19.   Phone: (352) 357-8882


Your 2013 Festival WORKSHOP LEADERS

Janita Baker: 

Janita has been playing mountain dulcimer for over 30 years and is well-known for her teaching skills. Blue Lion Dulcimers are built by she and her husband, Robert. She delights listeners with her music and introduces audiences and students to the incredible complexity, variety and beauty of the mountain dulcimer.  Janita resides in Santa Margarita, CA.


Cheryl & Ray Belanger:

Cheryl has taught autoharp for over 19 years in FL and NC. She is a Fl State championship winner, a singer, songwriter, recording artist, a Certified Music Practitioner in healing music, and performs with Ray as "Simple Gifts.". Ray has been a performing singer and musician for over 35 years, a creative teacher and well-known for his enthusiastic performances on hammered dulcimer. Ray & Lloyd Goldstein (double bass) perform as duo, "Singing Tree." Cheryl and Ray reside in Tampa, FL.

Karen Daniels:  Karen is a well-known international autoharp player and instructor and has been teaching and performing for over 20 years.  A Texas State Autoharp Champion & Walnut Valley Festival Champion in the same year (1997,)  Karen performs with her husband, Chuck, known for his autoharp building & repair services, "AutoharpRx."  Karen & Chuck reside in De Soto, KS.   

Doug Felt: 

A teacher since 1995, Doug loves to play music and is known as the “Dead Tree Troll.” Doug's wife, Lee operates the “Bag Lady Booth” while Doug performs on stage at festivals throughout the country. Doug is a versatile musician and teacher and seldom misses a chance to play music on mtn. dulcimer, pennywhistle or Bodhran. Doug resides in Marengo, OH.
Greta Gillmeister: A board-certified Music Therapist, Greta supervises music therapy students at the Univ. of Louisville and provides therapy services for special needs students for school districts at local schools. Greta performs traditional Celtic music with Lorinda Jones as the Irish duo, 'Chattering Magpies.' Greta lives in Louisville, KY.

Robert Force:

 Robert has been playing mountain dulcimer for over 35 years.  Most associate his name with his book, “In Search of the Wild Dulcimer.”  He doesn’t just make music with his dulcimer, they make music together. He amazes you with the sounds he and his dulcimer produce.  Robert is teaching a 3-Part class for Int/Adv students (extra fee applies.)  He resides in Part Townsend, WA.

Jeff Furman:  

Jeff is an award-winning mountain dulcimer player who is known for his smooth and expressive style, developing a rhythmic and melodic style of playing which has influenced his dulcimer playing. His extensive repertoire of fiddle music crosses over to his strong interest in Celtic music. Jeff is well-known as a gentle and very effective teacher.  He lives in Chapel Hill, NC.


Guy/Sherri George:  

Guy & Sherri are favorite performers and instructors and always full of surprises. They will have a Vendor booth at the 2013 Festival, and Guy will be teaching Steel Drum & Sherri will teach  Ukulele classes. They reside in Concord, OH.

Greta Gillmeister: 

A board-certified Music Therapist, Greta supervises music therapy students at the Univ. of Louisville and provide therapy services for special needs students.  Greta performs traditional Celtic music on Tin whistle with Lorinda Jones as the Irish duo, 'Chattering Magpies.'  Greta lives in Louisville, KY.

Tull Glazener:

Tull travels across the country for performances and festivals, and has spent many years teaching workshops as the small community of mountain dulcimer players expanded. Tull's travels are his way to give back to the music and community of folks that have brought him so much joy. His unique playing and arrangements are inspirational to all. Tull resides in Indianapolis, IN.


George Haggerty:

A mountain Dulcimer builder, teacher and player. His enthusiasm is apparent in his workshops which provide a solid foundation for the dulcimer student. His love of old-time music and creative nature are reflected through expression and strong feelings depicted in his music. George operates Folk Craft Music of Vermont with his wife and they reside in Jacksonville, VT.

Marsha Harris:  

Marsha has been playing mountain dulcimer for 20 years and bowed dulcimer for eight years.She is a member of Civil War music groups and enjoys teaching both mountain dulcimer and bowed dulcimer. Marsha resides in Morehead City, NC.



John & Kathie Hollandsworth:

John has been performing and teaching since the early 1980’s, playing traditional Appalachian, Old-time and Celtic music, and uses both chromatic and diatonic techniques.  John is the custom maker of Blue Ridge Autoharps.  Kathie sings, plays & teaches HD. Both share the culture of Appalachia & its people with audiences.  They reside in Christiansburg, VA.


Lorinda Jones:

Lorinda is a nationally recognized performer, teacher, music therapist and recording artist of the mountain dulcimer and other instruments. Her music includes the roots of American Music from ancient tunes of Celtic lands to traditional American mountain music. Lorinda performs with Greta Gillmeister as the Irish duo, "Chattering Magpies" and resides in Rineyville, KY.


Ken Kolodner:

Ken has been called "A hammered dulcimer player of great taste and sophistication" by Elderly Instruments. He has played a major part in the re-birth of the instrument, sharing his music at many festivals both large and small, performing arts centers throughout the United States, including performances with major symphony orchestras. Ken resides in Baltimore, MD.


Jody Marshall:  

Jody is known for her lively and expressive style, as well as for her creative arrangements of music .Her clear and insightful style of teaching has helped many people become more confident players and left with a much  greater understanding of how their instrument “works”.  She resides in McLean, VA.


Karen Meuller: Karen is a top autoharp & mtn. dulcimer player and is kept busy with her teaching and performances. Her innovative performing style features Appalachian, Celtic and Contemporary music shared with excitement and applauded by audiences from Los Angeles, CA to Boston, MA. Karen resides in Minneapolis, MN.


Gary Sager:

Gary and Wife Toni are owners of “Prussia Valley Dulcimers and Acoustic Music Shop”. He has been building dulcimers since 1992. Gary has taught playing workshops at many national well-known festivals. They reside in Waverly, OH.


Rick Thum:

Rick is a multiple hammered dulcimer contest winner. Rick plays guitar and was a drum & trumpet player in his past. Rick teaches and performs throughout the country and is the owner/builder of Rick Thum Dulcimers, using his innovative designs. Rick has multiple CD Recordings and CD lessons are offered via his “Song of the Month Club." Rick resides in Eureka, MO.


Susan Trump:

Susan has been a favorite instructor of the mountain dulcimer. She is known for her clear eaching style and playable arrangements. She has authored several books and has CD’s of her music. She also has “Lessons in Your Living Room” a subscription series of lessons. Susan lives in Schenectady, NY.


Jon Williams:  Jon was a vendor in 2012 and is a new Bowed Psaltery teacher for the upcoming year. He is the builder of his Bowed Psalteries and Dulcimers. John was a first-time vendor during the 2012  Festival.  He resides in High Springs, FL.

Festival Coordinators:  

Ruth Harnden,

Founder, teaches Mountain Dulcimer & Co-Coordinator,



Carolee Stewart,

teaches both Mountain & Hammered Dulcimers and is the Coordinator for the LEAD (Lake Eustis Area Dulcimer) Players.  Festival Volunteers include members of both the Mount Dora Dulcimer Society and LEAD Players who contribute much to make each Festival a success..   





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